Sponsors Want Custom Options

By Julia | Jan 1, 2020

Sponsors no longer want boxed Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship options. Sponsors are looking for custom options that will meet their marketing needs. The only way you are going to know what the sponsor really wants and needs is to ask them.

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Lanyards – Still a Good Sponsorship Option?

By Julia | Dec 22, 2019

Usually I like to use our blog as an opportunity to teach so that others can learn from our experience. But in this case I am hoping this post will generate some discussion because this is a topic I don’t have an answer to and would love to know what…

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Providing Your Attendee List as a Sponsorship Offering is Against the Law

By Julia | Dec 16, 2019

I have spent 20+ years working in federal privacy legislation.  And despite having a new love and passion here in the events industry I can’t seem to get away from my privacy background. It is ingrained in me and when I see a privacy violation it jumps out at me.…

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Your Sponsorship Prospectus Should be Reflective of This Year’s Event Location

By Julia | Dec 15, 2019

Along with the fact that your sponsorship packages should not be preset packages, your offerings need to be reflective of the city your event is taking place in. Why you ask? Because what is available in one city may not be available in another. And what may be available at…

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Accessible is Not Optional

By Angie | Dec 2, 2019

Heading into 2020, it is not optional to host a conference or event that is not fully accessible.  And this applies to more than just mobility issues, you need to look at any barriers to learning.< A big step in making sure your event is accessible to all would be…

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My Why – Part 3, clients need not worry about coffee service

By Julia | Sep 15, 2019

We’ve talked about my why and how it was personal to me. And we talked about how my why allows my team to live their best life. Now for our third and final why. My third and final why is pretty simple. I wanted to give our clients the FREEDOM…

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My Why – Part 2, your why must be bigger than yourself

By Julia | Sep 14, 2019

Yesterday I talked about my why and how what I am doing makes my life better. Today it’s all about my team and how I hope that I have created make for a damn great why for them too. Before I even knew why I was creating this company for…

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My Why – A 3-part series on why I walked away from a cash for life job

By Julia | Sep 13, 2019

I was listening to a Boss Babe podcast a few weeks back, they were talking about “your why” and why it is so important to have a why and to live that why. It got me thinking about my why. Why did I start this crazy adventure? Why do I…

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Flowers. A Timeless Event Addition or Are They Overdone?

By Julia | Sep 9, 2019

I decided to change things up this afternoon and do something a little lighter. Going from sponsorship work to talking about whether flowers are a timeless event addition or are they overdone. A typical day in the life of a planner. With a few industry magazines lying around the office,…

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My Review of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago

By Julia | Aug 22, 2019

While on holidays I was able to get a site visit of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago. Have a listen to my review of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago. Is it a great event space? The space would be a great social event space or for a high end meeting…

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