From Theatre to Cocktails: Calculating the Perfect Fit for Your Event Space

By Julia | Sep 2, 2023
From Theatre to Cocktails: Calculating the Perfect Fit for Your Event Space

Are you planning an event and struggling to determine the perfect space for your guests? The room capacity of an event space can be tricky to calculate, but it’s crucial to ensure that everyone has enough room to move around and enjoy the event. In this post, we’ll explore how…

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Broadening Horizons: The Importance of National Associations Moving Their Conferences Across Canada

By Julia | Mar 21, 2023

For national associations in Canada, organizing conferences is an excellent opportunity to bring industry professionals together, foster collaboration, and share knowledge. While it may be tempting to host conferences in major cities like Toronto, there are numerous destinations across Canada that offer unique advantages for hosting successful events. In this…

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Lessons Learned When We Planned a Live Event During Covid

By Julia | Nov 21, 2020

Five months into the Covid pandemic we held 2 live events. This event was originally scheduled for the middle of July 2020 but with the pandemic it laid in limbo until about 3 weeks before we were supposed to go live. We went back and forth trying to figure out…

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“We’ve gone virtual, we no longer need an event planner. Right?”

By Julia | Apr 17, 2020

“We’ve gone virtual for our next event so we no longer need an event planner, right?” I know many planners probably had the same thought for a second in the panic of the Covid 19 quarantine. Where do we fit now? Has my job become obsolete over night? Then we…

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Controlling the Beverage Budget at Your Meeting

By Angie | Feb 1, 2020

With budgets continuing to tighten on meetings and conference it is important to look for not only areas to save but for areas where unexpected spending may occur. It can be tough to forecast just how much attendees might drink during breaks and meals if given the option. Is it…

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Accessible is Not Optional

By Angie | Dec 2, 2019

Heading into 2020, it is not optional to host a conference or event that is not fully accessible.  And this applies to more than just mobility issues, you need to look at any barriers to learning.< A big step in making sure your event is accessible to all would be…

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My Review of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago

By Julia | Aug 22, 2019

While on holidays I was able to get a site visit of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago. Have a listen to my review of the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago. Is it a great event space? The space would be a great social event space or for a high end meeting…

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