Award Winning Ottawa Event Planning

Our Vision and Mission

Our Big Audacious Vision Statement

At year-end – April 30, 2026 – ITM Events will hit its first year of $1 million in revenue. We are recognized as a leading event management team, proudly Canadian but serving all of North America. Because we are obsessed with streamlining our business and keeping an honest balance of life and work, that $1 million comes from only having to produce 15 or less events a year.

The word “team” is the key to our success and only those who live and breathe by a team mentality can be a part of this team. This goes for staff and clients alike. We work too hard to not love what we do and if the team member is not a perfect fit then we’re not interested.

To join our team, you must be open to trying new things, finding your why in this company and excelling when we are counting on you. As a client, you must respect what we do and the knowledge we bring to the table. We all have superpowers and ours is creating exceptional events for you and your attendees. 

Our Mission is All About Our People

From day one our management’s mission has been all about our employees. ITM Events will be the most highly sought after event management company for event planners to work for. Our purpose is to create a work environment where employees feel heard and respected above all else. With a work environment that puts our people first and that has a never-ending supply of work, event planners – new and old – will be knocking on our door to join our team. This is where event planners come to learn, grow and excel. We believe that because we put our own people first that our clients are getting the best service possible. When employees love where they work it shows in their work and is felt by our clients.