How our systems and processes make us perfect for producing events on tight timelines


Need an event produced with a tight timeline? Now that’s speaking our language.

There’s no doubt that when working with ITM Events you’ll hear us talk about our “queen bee role (QBR)” which are our systems and processes. Our QBR is the crème de la crème, the engine, the driver, the reason why we are able to produce events in tight timelines or in any timeline for that matter. We’re always excited to talk about our QBR because it’s what makes our company run as efficiently as it does and in turn, helps our clients’ events be produced as smoothly as possible.

Put simply, our systems are tools that our company uses (for example: a project management system, video recording software, team collaboration tools). And our processes are the way that we work all the while leveraging our systems. Collectively, and when used consistently, our systems and processes make us perfect for producing events on tight timelines.

Everyone on our team is responsible for serving and protecting the QBR to allow us to plan the best possible event backed by the processes that we know work and are effective.

How does our team protect and serve the QBR?

  • By creating and documenting our proven systems and processes
  • The Client Success Leader managing both the team and the client from diverting from the processes that we know work
  • Involving our Workflow Wizard to ensure new issues/paths/challenges raised within an event are mitigated and tracked to prevent future issues of the same nature.
  • Maximizing the project management system that we have to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

How does our team protect and serve the QBR?

  • If we are not trusting and using the QBR we run the risk of missing important steps in our planning
  • We also run the risk of not meeting necessary deadlines to ensure that we can plan events on tight timelines.
  • If we are not using the project management system correctly we run the risk of critical information not being passed along to the rest of the team, to the client and to management as needed.
  • Most importantly we run the risk of the client feeling like they are telling us what needs to be done next instead of us guiding them through this process which is exactly what we have been hired to do.
  • Now while we won’t reveal just yet the super nitty gritty of what makes our QBR run oh-so efficiently, just know that our systems and processes are continuously improving to ensure that no matter how big or small of an event, or how tight of a turnaround or not, we’ve got our client’s back so that they can focus on their priorities.