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Assent Compliance Sales Week

Assent Compliance Sales Week


That is our brand promise and we live up to it. We had two weeks to help our client pull this event together. Assent has their own internal events team but this time they needed an extra set of hands. These are the events that we love. We have no choice but to put our heads together and pull out all the stops for our clients’ wishes.

This event was a three day event held in Ottawa with guests coming in from around the world. Planning an event at the tail end of a pandemic wasn’t much different then planning one in the middle of it. Everyone was so happy to have face to face interactions with their peers; many of whom had never met in person prior to the event.

This event included two great off-site experiences during the last evening and the final day. It’s always fun to load up our guests into buses and trek them off somewhere new. Taking your guests off-site, especially during a multi-day event is a necessity. Your guests need the change of scenery and the change of pace.

During one of the evenings we took the guests to another hotel downtown where they enjoyed a networking evening overlooking the city. And on the final day, the guests from Europe were invited to join us on a trip to the sugar bush, because what is more Canadian then that!

Special thanks to the following suppliers who helped us pull this event off so fast:

Audio-visual – Advantage Audio Visual Rentals

Conference Centre – Ottawa Event and Conference Centre

Off-site Venue – The Westin Ottawa

Balloons – Cody Party

Bus Rental – 417 Bus Line Ltd.

Hotel – The Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa

Off-site Experience – Temple’s Sugar Bush

April 29, 2022