A beautiful day on the golf course.

This was our second time working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa to plan their annual Big Tee Off. There was something about the day; something hard to explain with words. There was a vibe, a feeling like all the right pieces were in place. The logistics were on point, the weather was perfect, and all the right people were there. The energy on the course was sweet perfection.

A great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. – unknown


Our program included:

One of the best things about planning a golf tournament is the fun of the actual event day. Spending the day on the golf course raising funds for a charity is about one of the best things you can do with your day. Everyone comes excited to be out of the office. Friends and business colleagues are spending time together outdoors doing a sport they love…or hate…golf is kind of like that.

To raise funds at a golf tournament you can do several things:

  • do activities on the holes
  • get sponsors for each hole
  • sell an activity passport
  • do a 50/50 draw
  • get sponsors for the golf carts and meals

We have found, through our experience, that golf tournaments draw a few different types of people out. The first group are usually the charity supporters; they are there because they love the charity and whether they can golf or not, they come out for the day. The second crowd are usually really good golfers, one of which is a supporter of the charity and has convinced his/her usual foursome to join. The last group is usually the sponsors. When a large company sponsors an event like this they will usually buy one or two foursomes as part of their sponsorship and use that “wine and dine” clients or spend time with their employees.

Event Photos:

Event planners are awesome because of the partners we have the pleasure of working with every day. Shoutouts going out to:

Venue – Kanata Golf & Country Club

Photography – Matt Stewart Photography