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Is the clock ticking on your rapidly approaching event?

Time passes so fast and that circled day on your calendar is getting closer by the minute. Allow us to take this off your plate so that you can focus on all the other responsibilities you have.

Wondering how we can make your event happen in so little time?

We specialize in planning events with tight timelines. Where most planners want a year or more to plan, we thrive on the pressure of making your event a success with less time. We have created proven systems within our company that ensure decisions are made efficiently and deadlines are met.

Working with us includes;

  • a single point of contact so that communication is easy
  • weekly milestone check-in reports so that you can report back to your board with confidence
  • a minute-by-minute execution day plan so that you can sleep knowing everything is taken care of
  • an on-site execution team so that you don’t have to worry about a thing
  • a strategic final report so that you can plan for next year with confidence



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  • "This was the best online event I have attended since the onset of the pandemic. I really felt like I was with other attendees and the guests and their stories were so inspiring. You did a great job Julia and team ITM Events"

    – Brenda Norman, Event Attendee

We are proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Trellis so that we can serve our fundraising clients the way possible. Ask us about how we can help you:

  • raise more money
  • support your sponsors in a way that they will see the value
  • create an engaging virtual experience for your attendees

“An all-in-one online platform for virtual, in-person and every fundraiser in-between.”

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