Incentives on the High Seas


When we talk about incentive programs, the first thing that usually comes to mind are beaches at a beautiful resort. But did you know there are many other types of incentive programs, many other places in the world that your executives and staff would love to experience.

In this post we're going to talk specifically about taking your incentive program on the high seas, on a cruise ship.


To be honest we don’t know a ton about the specifics of running events on a cruise ship yet but we can most certainly speak to the advantages of using a cruise as your home base for your incentive program because our President, Julia, and her family are regular cruisers and are big fans of the sailing cities.

We decided to write about this today because we recently ran into a representative from the Expedia Cruises Ottawa Meetings and Events Team and we were able to discuss some of the logistics around an incentive program on a cruise ship.

It is comparable to an all-inclusive resort in that the price you pay for each attendee includes their food and some of their beverages (usually just the basics). In this particular case, when speaking with the representative we were told the price starts at about $250 per person (so per couple, you're looking at $500) per night (for an inside room). If you want to take your team of 10 on a 3-night cruise (without any room upgrades), you could estimate a cost of $15,000 (not including flights).

For $15,000 you have accommodations, food and entertainment all taken care of. If you haven’t cruised before you may not know that cruise lines provide all kinds of entertainment, every day and pretty much all day long. Some ships have broadway shows, they do mixology classes, exercise classes, they have live music in the lobby and so much more. There is no way your guests will ever complain about not having enough to do. And don’t forget about the days when the ship is in port and the beautiful cities your attendees will get to explore.

Because cruise lines generally travel through hot destinations like the Caribbean they are perfectly equipped to keep your guests cool in the hot sun. Cruise ships usually have multiple pools, a couple hot tubs, decks upon decks full of lounge chairs where your guests can spend hours soaking up as much sun as they want.

One of Julia’s favorite things about cruising is waking up every day in a new location. What a fantastic way to see the world. Imagine your guests not only getting to experience one breathtaking location but multiple! When you get off the ship you could arrange to spend the day together as a group or allow your guests to adventure on their own. As part of the incentive program, we could arrange to give each stateroom a credit toward excursions they can do while on land. Excursions often include a range of activities that will most certainly appease all of your guests – historic walking tours, swimming with dolphins or stingrays, ziplining, food and mixology tours and so much more.

We understand that as part of most incentives there needs to be some kind of group activity or meeting. Not to worry, this can be done on or off the ship too. On the cruise ship we can arrange for private meeting spaces, private spaces for networking and even large tables or multiple tables for private dinners. And yes they can accommodate your audio-visual needs too!

Not everyone is comfortable with cruising, it is a large ship floating through the middle of the ocean after all. And following a global pandemic we understand that many may be concerned about being in tight quarters with a large group. But we feel so strongly about this as a successful option for your incentive program that we ask that we at least consider it. Let’s book a call with Julia and talk about all the advantages of cruising, what she loves, what she is not such a fan of and our creative solutions for your guests worries.

Let’s incentivize your team with memorable and breathtaking days at sea and on land.