This was our first opportunity to host clients in a tropical location. With a team that loves to travel, this was a true blessing and opportunity. Fate tested us every step of the way but we persevered and created an exceptional experience for our client and their guests.

It was an honour to take our guests to the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun. This incredible property is as stunning as the photos on their website. The staff are exceptional and our guests enjoyed their program immensely.

WFG Mexico Incentive Program

It was exciting for us to get to plan a program to reward hard working people.

Incentive programs are designed to reward top performers in companies. It is an opportunity for their employers to recognize and thank them for their hard work and dedication. Incentive programs can take place in many ways and in a number of locations with a variety of focuses. In this case, our clients chose a tropical, relaxation style program.

The planning of this event started near the end of the pandemic and required us to postpone the spring trip to a late fall program. Then while we were working through the details, the venue we had selected had been subject to not one but two drug relating shootings…it is true, we can not make this stuff up. The venue was incredible to work with through these incidents and made time to meet with us and our client to discuss the shootings as well as how security would be managed at the resort during the time of our visit.

WFG Mexico Incentive Program

Our program included:

  • a welcome dinner
  • a charity component
  • a meeting
  • much needed relaxation time
  • a VIP dinner
  • a farewell dinner

Want to know how best to plan your incentive program agenda, check out our blog post.

A thank you to our industry partners for their help with making this event a success:

Venue: Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun

Travel Support: Gravitate Travel

Destination Management Company: Amstar DMC

Off Site Venue: Ritz Carleton The Club Grill

Charity: Fondacion Teleton