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The Story of Us

Who is Julia?

Julia is the passion behind ITM Events. Julia loves her girls, her firefighter hubby and her “puppy” Baylee. She loves walking, hiking and spin classes. She loves fancy martinis, pretty cocktails and great food. She is an entrepreneur at heart and her mind never stops coming up with great (and sometimes crazy) new ideas.

Why ITM Events?

When Julia started the company it was called In the Moment Party & Event Planning. The company was started on a bit of whim. After some tough life lessons, Julia realized that life’s moments are what make life special and worth living. She decided to try doing what she loved, as a business. It would be an opportunity for her to encourage people to live “in the moment”. She wanted to help others plan their events so that, as the client, they could enjoy the moment rather than have to fuss about the details. Ten years later, here we are. The name changed legally about part way through this journey because Julia realized her passion was best used in the corporate world and “In the Moment” was a bit too fluffy. Not wanting to change the meaning behind why she started the company she decided to just shorten it, and there you have ITM Events.

What is that ITM Events does really?

In simple terms, ITM Events plans corporate events. But in our minds and in our hearts, we provide clients an opportunity to truly experience their events by helping to alleviate the stress that comes with planning an event. We manage the time consuming and difficult areas of planning an event. We make the logistics and behind the scenes seem easy. Leaving the client to be able to focus their time and attention on what they were hired to do, which is most often not plan events. What makes us different is that we like to plan events with tight timelines, usually 3 months or less. We enjoy the fast paced, quick turnaround events.

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