Rewarding your highest performers is best done by spoiling them with a weekend away where they can take a break from the work they do the other 362 days a year. Our client took their highest performers on a Leadership Retreat to the Glen House Resort in the Thousand Islands. The location of the event was perfect for the message our client had for their attendees; if you work hard you can have everything you see around you – a beautiful waterfront home, a fancy boat, incredible vacations and more!

Our responsibilities for this event were to source the venue, manage all logistics, create valuable and memorable experiences and most importantly take full responsibility of the event while on site so that our clients could truly enjoy the experience themselves and have the time to mix and mingle with their guests.


Booking a venue, managing registration and food allergies are all really important but the real work comes when you create a true experience. For this event we created it not only in actual physical experiences like a golf tournament, a spa day and early morning yoga. But we also created an experience by making sure the event was branded and that branding was carried through throughout the event.

Early on in the planning I had asked the clients to choose their favorite motivational saying. We used that saying throughout the event to create a constant reminder for the attendees about why they were there and how they can continue to earn their spot at the event. The saying that was chosen was “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder

My favorite added feature that we create for the event that even the client didn’t know about was door hangers for the guests rooms. On Friday night as the group headed out for dinner myself and a venue employee ran around the resort placing the door hangers on the door. The reason I loved the door hangers so much was because they stayed with the branding but also fit the purpose of the door hanger. We flipped the wording to read, “Please do not disturb. This is the only time I get to dream about my success. The rest of the time I am working for it.” Amazing right? I loved it so much! Such a great play on the rest of the event’s focal point.

Event Photos:

A shout out to our industry colleagues who helped up to bring this event to life.

Graphic Design: Luce Ends

Printing: Coba Studios and Print Shop

Golf Course and Friday night dinner hosts: Smuggler’s Glen Golf Course

Spa: The Spa at the Glen House Resort